Main process of paper production

Main process of paper production includes pulping, paper making and paper finishing & processing.

 * Pulping

Pulping is the process to extract plant fibers from raw material. For pulping, there are chemical method, mechanical method or chemical-mechanical method and biological method. Excepting mechanical method, both chemical method and chemical-mechanical method need to add industrial chemicals and paper chemicals.

 * Paper making

The main process of paper making is beating, papermaking.

   A. Beating

   B. Adjusting furnish

It is general term of multiple processes such as sizing, filling, coloring and so on. 

  1. ) sizing

It refers to chemical treatment on pulp, paper sheet or paper board which will make them obtain ability of anti-penetration of liquid (mainly water). Most paper and paper board need sizing, according to different adding way, sizing can be divided into internal sizing and surface sizing. Internal sizing is adding sizing agent into pulp, surface sizing is surface coating during papermaking process. They are two different sizing way with same main goal. 

  2. ) filling

It means add inorganic fillers into pulp, such as talc powder, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, etc. Filling helps to reduce production cost, filling agents impart various functions on paper, for example, improve opacity, brightness, smoothness, softness, dry strength, wet strength of paper.

  3. ) coloring

Add pigments into pulp for required color.

   C. Papermaking

Papermaking can be devided into dry papermaking and wet papermaking.

Paper board production is basically same as paper production, requiring process of pulping, beating, papermaking, calendering, reeling, cutting or rewinding.

 * Processing

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