What are paper chemicals?

What are paper chemicals?

Paper industry is chemical processing industry mainly based on plant fibers. During paper manufacturing process, multiple chemicals need to be added.

Apart from basic chemical raw materials such as caustic soda, sodium sulphide, sodium sulfite, chlorine, aluminium sulfate, ect., some specialty chemicals should be added too, including sizing agent, retention agent, strength additives, deinking agent and defoaming agent. Furtherly, some general chemicals should be added, such as surfactant, modified starch, organic and inorganic fillers, natural and synthetic or semisynthetic latex, etc.

These special and general chemicals are characterised by small output, low consumption, high added value, high technology density, etc., belonging to fine chemicals, which can be named as paper specialty chemicals or paper chemicals.

Except fillers, paper chemicals' additive amount is generally 1%~2% of paper gross quantity, which play a important role in paper features, optimize production, accelerate paper machine, relieve pollution to enviroment. For example, retention agent will sharply reduce staples and fillers loss; deinking agent contributes to recycle waste papers and gain secondary fibers; neutral sizing agent realizes neutral papermaking, which has special significance of paper strength increase and production cost decline. In a word, paper chemicals become more and more important in paper manuacturing and processing procedures, draw great attention by people. 

In pace with social improvement and upgraded human life, demand volume and application scopes for paper and paper product increase, in the meantime,  paper quality requirement becomes stricter, all these raise higher requests on paper chemicals.

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