Fixing Agent For Turquoise Blue Color

Item No.:EC-TD03
Appearance:Reddish Brown Transparent Liquid
pH Value:7.0-9.0
Solubility:Easily soluble in cool water
Shelf Life:12 months stored in cool and dry

Product Description


1. EC-TD03 fixing agent for turquoise blue can enhance wet color fastness of direct dye, reactive turquoise blue dye or printing fabric.

2. Good resistance to hard water, acid, alkali and salt.

3. It can improve wet color fastness and washing color fastness, especially washing at above 60℃.

4. EC-TD03 fixing agent had no effect on color fastness for sunlight or perspiration.

5. It can be used with nonionic soften agent in after-finishing process.

6. EC-TD03 fixing agent is formaldehyde free.

Application & Amount, Free Sample: Request for details

Package & Storage:

Package: 125KG or 200KG packed in plastic drum or 1000KG in IBC totes tank. Customized package is acceptable.

Storage: Shelf life is 12 months stored in a cool, dry and shady place.

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