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Textile Cationic Softener Flakes

cationic softener flakes, textile softener chemicals.

Textile Softener Flakes AEEA Free

AEEA free softener flakes, textile finishing chemicals.

Nonionic Softener Flakes

nonionic softener flakes, textile softener chemicals.

Dye Fixing Agent Formaldehyde Free

dye fixing agent, textile dyeing auxiliary

High-efficiency Fixing Agent

textile dye fixing agent, formaldehyde free

Fixing Agent For Turquoise Blue Color

turquoise blue color fixing agent, formaldehyde free.


Wet Strength Agent With Low Chlorine

wet strength agent with low chlorine,20% solid content, eco-friendly for food wrapping paper and daily paper.

Concerntrated Acid Color Fixing Agent

high efficient acid color fixing agent